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Look What You’ve Done to Me, Xishu Liu

As the grey clouds finished relieving themselves of extra weight, the roof of the Casbah Gallery burst forth in glittering splendor from the sunlit reflection of thousands of watery beads. Look closely and you'd notice each bead was caught in an internal battle between stasis, gravity, and surface tension, one that resolved within minutes depending … Continue reading Look What You’ve Done to Me, Xishu Liu

Al Mal Tiempo, Buena Cara

"Hector---the times that test your character are what make you. When times are hardest, that's when you have to smile your biggest smile." Claudia said this straight-faced. As she spoke, Hector saw his mother's hand tremble towards her drink, nails dragging across wood grain and palm countering friction against lacquer until this, too, took more … Continue reading Al Mal Tiempo, Buena Cara

Gnomes Gettin’ Stoned in the Dome Home Calling Shamans on Da’ Phone

"Ahhh. Satan!""Get him in the Church and he'll explode!!!""HE'S ALREADY IN THE CHURCH YOU DUMBASS!"Simister666, "Who Killed Soloman?" Meanwhile, down in the Dome, where gnome one gnomes, gnomes are doin' opiome... "Heyyyy man.""Yeah man?""Uhhhh....""Did you forget what you were gonna' say again?""No.""It's cause you're high as f**ck man. You literally smoked like fifteen times as … Continue reading Gnomes Gettin’ Stoned in the Dome Home Calling Shamans on Da’ Phone

The Applied Apple Approach

Full disclosure---I was second place out of three people. Beatrix, a fourth-year Applied Folktale Logic grad student at the Budapest University of Supernatural Study, skimmed her notes for the Apple Theory reading group. It was her turn to present. Her classmate Tam├ís was alright, but if she missed a small detail, Lajos would pick up … Continue reading The Applied Apple Approach

Is this Loss?

Missing persons Willow Creek Missing persons hotline Willow Creek Dr. Jeong-Espinosa news News missing persons Missing persons search party organization Missing spouse help No matter how she permuted it, each of Jo's search terms took her back to the same horrifically dry government website, http://www.wcpd.sim/missing-persons, on it a curated set of names and pictures, captioned … Continue reading Is this Loss?

No Place for a Heroine

"Kendra. What's that fucking thing in the middle of your living room?" Kendra was in the kitchen with her back to Wyatt. But from context, he was likely referring to the seven-fingered poledancing tentacle in the middle of her living room. "I don't know," she said. "Someone dumped it outside the trailer park, and I … Continue reading No Place for a Heroine

The Door Within the Door: Chastity Descends Beneath the Church

" ...when rockets go up they bring ice down from upper sky to lower sky; ice stuck in lower sky will fall on us during Apocalypse. Earth is flat; earth stands on 3 pillars (the Most Holy Trinity); pillars stand on water at zero Kelvin; underneath this ice there is a bubble; and then the … Continue reading The Door Within the Door: Chastity Descends Beneath the Church