Al Mal Tiempo, Buena Cara

"Hector---the times that test your character are what make you. When times are hardest, that's when you have to smile your biggest smile." Claudia said this straight-faced. As she spoke, Hector saw his mother's hand tremble towards her drink, nails dragging across wood grain and palm countering friction against lacquer until this, too, took more … Continue reading Al Mal Tiempo, Buena Cara

Is this Loss?

Missing persons Willow Creek Missing persons hotline Willow Creek Dr. Jeong-Espinosa news News missing persons Missing persons search party organization Missing spouse help No matter how she permuted it, each of Jo's search terms took her back to the same horrifically dry government website, http://www.wcpd.sim/missing-persons, on it a curated set of names and pictures, captioned … Continue reading Is this Loss?

No Place for a Heroine

"Kendra. What's that fucking thing in the middle of your living room?" Kendra was in the kitchen with her back to Wyatt. But from context, he was likely referring to the seven-fingered poledancing tentacle in the middle of her living room. "I don't know," she said. "Someone dumped it outside the trailer park, and I … Continue reading No Place for a Heroine

Guide Me, North Star

(Synopsis: We go hard on a holiday special centered around Jasper's first Winterfest. Shu antagonizes Jo by crashing the J.E. festivities. Charlie talks about BPD and ants. Set some time aside for this one; I promise it's worth the read.) "Jasper! Look over here!" The youngest Jeong-Espinosa had already made plans to taste the arm … Continue reading Guide Me, North Star

The Jeong-Espinosa Family Replaces Charlie with a Dog

And graduates from hanging out in the bathroom to acting out a teenager's worst nightmare---that is, if the teenager were capable of understanding the implications of two or more simultaneous events. My entire family is here. I'm in my room. Hm. If we envision moving our p.o.v. along the positive z-axis (yeah, oriented so it's … Continue reading The Jeong-Espinosa Family Replaces Charlie with a Dog

Charlie & Josephine J.-E.: I Call Shotgun! Pt. II

Power couple Char-Jo just got news they're harboring an unplanned, but wanted, Sim fetus. For more information, consult this goofy-ass fish Josephine left the workforce when Charlie became Chief, s.t. her priorities are now coming up with baby names that accurately reflect her priorities/the geography/modern naming trends, etc., finding a place in the stone-susceptible house … Continue reading Charlie & Josephine J.-E.: I Call Shotgun! Pt. II

Charlie J.-E./Josephine Liu: I Call Shotgun! Pt. I

(Yep; Part I. It's another twofer.) Some men cascade with emotion like water over a cliff. Charlie isn't one of them. Post an adolescence-long conversation with the night sky and people's shoes, an early career spent touching his patients too lightly to the point where the lack of contact became kind of creepy, and a … Continue reading Charlie J.-E./Josephine Liu: I Call Shotgun! Pt. I

The Jeong-Espinosa Family: Heart, Head, Hands, Hector

As Mike and Claudia transcribe their knowledge for future generations and Kendra and Hector learn their place in the world, we seize the opportunity to sample four slices of Jeong-Espinosa life. Evidence of how much writing style can evolve over 6 months. That is, if you started a Sims blog today, it would take you … Continue reading The Jeong-Espinosa Family: Heart, Head, Hands, Hector