The Creation of A Legend

Small children are claiming to see a woman wandering the parks at night.

Some say she lives in Sylvan Glade. They say her clothes, mat, and stool are her sole possessions, and she only takes from nature what she needs to survive. They say she devotes 16 hours each day to burning off tapas. They say she’s incapable of anger. Regulars at the Perfect Balance speak of her personal practice in hushed whispers.

There are a few Sims who know her better. They say she sleeps at the gym, smells funky, and has one pair of Sanuks that she breaks out at formal events.

Others compare her to another Sim, Nicolette Fenton, who went missing after completing an Ayurveda training in Sim-dney. These people also say things like “Have you seen her?” and “Is she still alive? Oh god, Nicolette!” We don’t listen to those people because they’re not fun.

We can confirm only a handful of details about this mysterious figure.

She’s picturesque!

She’s particularly fond of Kendra!

Kendra loves the smelly forest lady

She’s not interested in being celibate.

Definitely not!

She spits in the face of propriety.

Also, some of her spit is probably on the toilet.

And lastly, she is acquainted with—holy hell, who is that absolute unit?

Is that Charlie?

Although, as pictured, she really does prefer Kendra.

Above all, she is a Sim whose devotion drove her to reject even agriculture, that first great separation of man from nature, to fight the injustice she herself has caused.

If you focus long enough, enough to quiet the gossip, the speculation, the lies and untruths, you may learn a name, filtered through the roots and grass, carried by each grain of pollen, vibrating with the nitrogen in the air, from a non-space that exists outside of space itself,

(or, if that’s inaccessible, by asking someone at Perfect Balance,)

Ana Asteya.

And that which is holy in her recognizes that which is holy in you.

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